Nice Think is your friendly multiplatform/multimedium/multineed creative studio.
We have the brain of an agency, hands of a production company and heart of a friend.

We start off by listening to your needs and goals, and then have a nice think about them. best idea wins and the making begins!

Collaborate with us on your next quest! Give us a shout at and #thinknice.

As Nice Think, we are

over being over it (we’d rather be into it)

We genuinely believe every brand has a unique story to tell, because the people behind them have unique stories to tell. We listen and mine the details that highlight the sparkle of your gem.

caring is caring

Means exactly what it says. And we mean it.


We think a lot. We’ll creatively consider all options to find you the best fit.
What are the main gems to share about your brand and how do we best communicate that to your audience? 


Two heads are better than one. And a specialized team built around your project is even better.  

Our commitment to examining all options, mediums, audiences and artists ensures we select the optimal recipe for your need. The unique mix Nice Think chefs up means stand out work for your organization, and we manage it from start to finish so you can focus on making other growing decisions for your company.

Our Team


Creative Director

Caroline Park is an award-winning director. Her work has screened everywhere from the Cannes Film Festival to Virgin America flights, and your TV and mobile screen. Past clients include companies such as Starbucks, Whole Foods Market, Adobe, and Revlon. Park graduated from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television with a degree in film and television and minor in public affairs, and heads the Los Angeles branch of Nice Think.


Creative Producer

Jasmin Chang is a multidisciplinary producer. Chang’s experience spans from photography to documentary film to public art and festivals. Having worked with arts organizations such as Photoville, DOC NYC, and The Magnum Foundation in NYC, LA and abroad, she is excited about connecting art to new audiences. She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in art and journalism and heads the New York branch of Nice Think.


Creative Hound

Benny the Beagle is Nice Think’s mascot and spirit animal. His ears are as soft as his heart. He is a foot warmer, head confidant, and supports the West Coast team. 


Creative Researcher

Nala is Nice Think’s most recent hire. She brings curiosity, gusto and lots of energy and spunk to Nice Think New York. 

Our Process

New to working with a creative studio on your project? Here’s what you can expect in working with us:

Discovery // getting to know you 

Tell us who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. We’ll start off with an introductory chat to ask questions about your brand, goals and story.

Celebration // we think you’re really cool

Coaction and partnership are beautiful things that we honor in our workflow. We’re also excited to highlight what makes you special for everyone else to see! (related: over being over it). We’ll reflect on our chat, and send you a proposal on what we can create for you, as well as establish steps to realize the ideas.

Creation // gather a unique team that will make your project sparkle

Our team jumps into production, making it happen. We’re with you throughout so you’re aware of progress and tracking the action.